Lingerie Showers

There is nothing more beautiful than a lingerie shower. This has to be the most exciting and fun bridal shower option there is and since it is one of the most traditional, with a long and lustrous history.

When it comes to planning a lingerie shower there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Granted the lingerie aspect of the shower may feel a little risqué to some, but when you do your job well the entire afternoon will be tasteful and pleasant for everyone who participated.

Understanding Lingerie Showers

Before we get into the ins and outs of a lingerie shower it is important to understand what there are.

While it might seem like a little bit of a naughty topic, the truth is they are anything but naughty. And here is why.

A lingerie shower is not the same thing as a lingerie party.

Let me explain!

What is a Linger Shower?

To fully understand what they are, you need to understand what they aren’t. When people hear the word lingerie their ears perk up in interest, and they might blush. What they are really thinking about is a lingerie party.

The type that are celebrated by college students and young adults and while they can be quite, uhm, raunchy, the lingerie shower is soft and sweet.

Now when some of your guests come to you a little confused you can explain that while lingerie will be present it will be a tasteful and fun affair.

The main difference between a lingerie shower and a normal bridal shower is that the main focus of the gifts is on lingerie. The price ranges from affordable to extravagant with a focus on extravagant.

Because, while cheap negligees are tacky, a well made under garment with a focus on sexy is always in good taste.

Planning a Lingerie Shower

What does it take to plan a lingerie shower?

Lingerie Shower Invitations

What do you mean you need special invitations? I actually did not say that. But when most women think about a bridal shower they immediately start planning the theme of the invites. Since with most of the showers you will see today, theme is everything.

And the same holds true for the lingerie style of shower. The only difference is that you have more flexibility.

After all lingerie bridal shower invitations are a elegant and fun choice for even the tamest celebration.

Here are a couple of things you can look for when you order your invitations.

  1. Does the invitation focus on your theme?
  2. Can you incorporate your color scheme?
  3. Does the design appeal to most of your guests?
  4. Will your guests be prepared for the shower when they see the invitation?
  5. Does the lingerie shower invitation fit your budget?

Each one of these question posies an important question. When you can honestly answer each of them you can start looking for the right option. And there are plenty of cheap lingerie shower invitations to choose from. One of our personal favorites is Tickled Pink Invitations. They have provided the basis for an affordable shower with lingerie theme and without.

Lingerie Shower Games

One of the scary aspects for many hostesses are what type of entertainment will they offer. The main bridal shower games don’t seem to fit. Well, they will if you tweak them ever so slightly. We have some great ideas to get your party planning underway.

And we have a couple of really original ideas for you as well.

We’ll let Beau Coup set you up with some other great picks. But let’s look at some of the games we have in store for you.

  • Panty pinata game
  • Pin the bow tie on the stud
  • Sexy “whats on your phone”
  • Lingerie dressup
  • If you are looking for other ideas that will make fun games, try these.

    We have plenty of resources for you to get on top of your shower duties and get an idea of what lingerie can do for your party.